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Based in Nantes, France, Pierre Lesueur is a french photographer specialized in outdoor sports photography. As a sport addict himself, practicing windsurfing, mountain biking, paddling and hiking since he is a kid, Pierre pushes his own limits to bring back images of surfers, trail-runners, open water swimmers... 

Pierre's work aims at capturing stories that inspire humans to consider their relationships with nature, while promoting outdoor sports in wild places everywhere. Balancing action with subtle details, striking portraits and wild landscapes, he creates images for brands, athletes, magazines and major sports events.

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Pierre considers his photographic work closely related to writing. He offers his services to magazines, brands or organizations in search of editorial content in addition to their photography needs.  Each of his projects feeds on the story of an athlete, but also on the geography, the history, the geology of a place and the people living in those inspiring territories. His own adventures such as his 800K trip on the Loire River has been published by several brands and french outdoor magazines. 



- Sony @ 6300 (fast & light)

- 3 focal lengths Sony ZEISS (16/35 - 35 F2.8 - 70/200)

- Blackrapid strap

- Liquideye waterproof case

- Macbook pro + 2 hard drives

- 2 SD cards + cleaning kit

- Go pro (can be attached to the waterproof case)

- Mini tripod Manfroto

- Solar panel + 3 batteries + 1 Power bank

- Mountain Smith bag (waterproof, light, strong)

Resume (french)

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Pierre Lesueur


Nantes, France

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